In Family Constellations we work with a systemic view that observes the family of origin and its story, and specially those events that occurred in past generations that can have influence on the present.

Just as the genes of other generations are present in the body, all painful or traumatic events that stayed unresolved remain registered and sometimes frozen in the memory of the family system in which it occurred.

Often these events get “inherited” by the next generation, pending their resolution. Unresolved issues can remain then as part of an affective or cognitive model that maintains the actual problem that is queried.

In systems of human interaction there is an invisible field of information, where these events get reproduced in the present of the individual. As Françoise Doltó said: “What was silenced in a generation then becomes a symptom in the following”.

This theory considers the orders that regulate human coexistence, from family relationships, up to greater groups like cultures. When these orders are transgressed, it can lead to conflict and disease.

The purpose of Family Constellations is to make these systemic disorders visible in form of tangible images in actual time and space, in order to redirect them to new ones, whose resonance is able to provide a new impulse of solution.


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