The Gestalt-Systemic Approach:

Human beings have always searched and followed different paths to overcome hurtful moments, conflicts or situations that generated suffering and bad feeling.

The Gestalt-Systemic Approach gives us the opportunity to face the actual difficulties in a vivid experiential way, considering the body, the emotions as well as our personal and family related biography, in order to find new forms to approach wellness.

Gestalt Therapy. Terapia Gestalt:

One of the main premises of this approach is that it is focused on the present. This means that the interest in the past and the future is only regarding its interference with the present moment.

Throughout our lives, we accumulate situations that remained outstanding (pending), situations that haven’t been handled or closed, like, for instance: “what I wasn’t able to say in that moment, what I couldn’t do, what I didn’t dare to tell…”. Life is full of unresolved issues.

Some of them are quite powerful in our vital script, thus they stop part of the maturing process and leave a lot of potential jammed back. Unresolved issues like this appear and pull on us around our lives in the form of conflicts and difficulties, with the purpose of
becoming resolved and completed.

These unresolved issues are related to actual moments that we lived like “overlapping photographs”, where the actual situation is clear, but what is beyond is discovered. When those issues are worked out and are closed, the potential is recovered and part of the vital script becomes rewritten.

Another premise of Gestalt therapy is that it asks about the “how”: how a person perceives things within the structure of his own life’s script, how this script has been written and how it can occur differently.

Gestalt therapy accompanies the client to focus on the present and take responsibility for what happens to him and how he chooses to change things.

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