Instituto Antares

Instituto Antares is a center that promotes human development on individual, familiar and organizational level. We integrate different professionals that interweave and complement their different approaches and fields of action:

Psychosomatic Medicine

Psychosomatic Medicine

Family Constellations

Our work is based on creating spaces where the client can get in touch with
what is essential, his deeper qualities and resources to create new ways of “doing” and to bond with themselves and their environment.

We believe that existence is relational and that we are part of a web that connects us and gives us direction. We see the family history and the socio-cultural moment as part of the plot to which we belong and from which are woven to others: relationships within the couple, the family, at work and in friendship.

Instituto Antares operates in several countries, both in Europe and Latin America, what we consider a source of enrichment for our work. Currently working in: Spain, Germany, France, Sweden, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Dr. Johannes Beckmann

Licensed in medicine

Master of Psychosomatic Medicine


Family Constellations

María Carmona


Gestalt therapist

Family Constellations

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